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Multiscale Inverse Rapid Group-Theory for Engineered-Metamaterials

What Is MIRaGE

Man-made, optical metamaterials have been touted for more than a decade for their ability to manipulate light in extraordinary ways.

MIRaGE simplifies and automates the design process for materials that would be necessary for those technologies.

Mirage is a group theory-based multiscale simulation toolkit that enables the inverse design of metamaterials exhibiting exotic electromagnetic behaviors beyond the limits of conventional optics. Technological developments enabled by Mirage could include lighter-weight satellites, cloaking devices, and compact aberration-free imaging systems. 

Why Choose MIRaGE

Simplified Solution Space

Other software can simulate what meta-atoms will do to light, but that only allows researchers to use intuition to experiment with different designs until they stumble upon or tediously work out the behavior they want. MIRaGE uses an inverse design approach. Starting with a desired behavior you can immediately reduce your design space.

Manipulate Light In Extraordinary Ways

Describe the result you want, and the software fills in the steps to get there. This modern design approach takes guesswork out of engineering as-yet theoretical technologies like ultracompact, high-performance cameras and cloaking armor that could make wearers invisible to detection.

Streamlined Light Matter Interaction

The resonant EM response of “molecules” to a probing EM Field is a combination of “linear” and “rotational” vibrations. The allowed (active) normal modes are completely governed by the 3D spatial symmetry of the molecule. Thus by inspecting the symmetry of a molecule, we can have an a priory knowledge of how a molecule will respond to an EM field!

Intuitive Design Tools For The Novice To Expert

MIRaGE allows users varying degrees of interaction based on user knowledge and experience. In Expert mode the tool is unconstrained and allows the user to deep dive into any problem sets. Guided and Templated build modules take some of the guess work out and allows novice users a quick way to be productive. MIRaGE also adds a clip art like tool called the Meta-Atom Library for plug and play designs.

Leading Edge Simulation Tools For Immediate Answers

MIRaGE offers an extensive set of design tools and aids. These help the user get the desired behavior and design quickly, enabling users to go from theory to functional design in hours, not weeks.

Extensive analysis tools

How good is good? MIRaGE gives the users a wide array of analysis tools, from 2/3D charts, fast volumetric plotting and intuitive data processing to quantitatively and qualitatively answer that question.


To further refine your design, MIRaGE incorporates the DAKOTA optimization package that allows you to start running optimizations with few mouse clicks. The MIRaGE tool includes canned objective functions and example scripts to help users hit the ground running.

Shape and Topology Optimization *

MIRaGE has the capability of engaging Shape and Topology Optimizations through the integration of the ROL software package. MIRaGE and ROL allows users to review solutions of optimal geometric design, feature control as well as investigate inverse problems.

* Included in MIRaGE Elite only

What Do You Get

Main Software

The MIRaGE toolset is comprised of the MIRaGE User Interface, Viscera CAD Engine, Fast Frequency Domain Finite Element Modeling Solver, CUBIT Meshing, DAKOTA Optimization suite, ROL and Trilinos. Depending on your use case some or all of these components are part of the distribution.

Training Center

We have an online training center to help you learn the MIRaGE tool. With video walk thoughts, documents, and FAQ's. You have 24 hour access and is easily accessible online.

What Type OF Organization Do You Work For?

U.S. Government

Us Citizen and Us Government contractor that owns a copy of Cubit*

MIRaGE includes all available tools.


US Citizen and US Government contractor that DOES NOT own a copy of Cubit* but can get it

MIRaGE includes optimization tools only. Will need local install of CUBIT*

University/Third Party

(US Citizen)

US Citizen and US Government contractor that DOES NOT own a copy of Cubit* and CANNOT get it

MIRaGE will include Coreform Trelis**.

University/ Individual

(NON-US Citizen)

Non-US citizen and US Government contractor that DOES NOT own a copy of Cubit* and CANNOT get it

Coreform Trelis** is
available from

*CUBIT: is the state of the art meshing software package used by MIRaGE. It is developed and distributed by Sandia National Laboratories https://cubit.sandia.gov/

**Coreform Trelis: is the commercial/nongovernmental version of CUBIT distributed by Coreform https://coreform.com/products/cubit-trelis/

MIRaGE release includes a FREE license of Trellis for university academics that do NOT currently have a copy of Trellis. All other requestors must obtain and install a copy of either CUBIT or Trellis in order to use MIRaGE.

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Intelligent Symmetry Engine:

Smart Efficient Multiscale Electromagnetic Simulation Engine:

Guided flexible Optimization Engine:


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Thank you for your interest in the MIRaGE software tool suite!

MIRaGE is a new and ongoing R&D area, and as such, our governing entities require some additional information to be gathered and reviewed before distribution.

Acquiring a copy of MIRaGE is a two-step process. The first step will be on the following page when you click the button below. This step is an in-depth questionnaire called the Participant Data Sheet (PDS) and is used to review eligibility.

The second step involves the approval and signature of a Government Use Notice (GUN), which allows entities that either 1) hold an existing government contract with DARPA or another Federal Agency and have a need for the software or 2) have negotiated access to the software through DARPA.

Once the GUN is signed you will receive credentials via an email that allow you to download and install MIRaGE.

If you have issues with the process or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at help@mirage-software.com.

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